EXPAL Shepherd

EXPAL has developed and integrated a micro UAV with the shape of a bird: SHEPHERD among its offer in systems and solutions. It is a UAV with multiple applications in the fields of defence and security, mainly in observation, surveillance and protection missions.

In this edition of UNVEX AMERICA we will be able to see the latest version of EXPALs SHEPHERD, the UFO-UAV version that behaves as an advanced observer in combination with EXPALs TECHFIRE – information system of indirect fire support. Its great capacity to glide and its silent engine make it imperceptible in this type of missions.

SHEPHERD is equipped with cameras and geolocation software that enhances it to accomplish observation and surveillance operations such as, boarder control, fight against fires and drug trafficking operations.

An innovative and safe solution with multiple applications that you can see in this edition of UNVEX America the following 31 March and 1 April in Santiago de Chile in the precinct where FIDAE will be taking place.

For more information, please contact EXPAL.