EMC test horn

Steatite Antennas, a UK designer and manufacturer of test and measurement antennas, launches two new horn antennas suitable for EMC testing and general measurement applications.

Steatite is pleased to be able to provide a 2GHz to 18GHz dual linearly polarised, open boundary, quad-ridged wideband horn antenna in a compact package. The QWH-DL-2-18-S-SG offers polarisation diversity and the ability to measure two orthogonally polarised fields simultaneously. In the test environment, the antenna allows polarisations to be remotely changed without physically rotating the antenna. The antenna provides isolation of more than 30dB between connectors and gains 3.9dBi to 15.9dBi.

To complement the open boundary antenna, there is a high power of 0.8GHz to18GHz linearly polarised dual-ridged horn antenna, providing a maximum 500W of CW and gains between 2.8dBi and 18dBi. Both are suitable for EMC radiation and immunity testing. Part number QWH-SL-08.-18-N-SG comes with an N type connector and a choice of mounting options.