TerraGroup Corporation, a designer and manufacturer of TECWAR® tactical water purification systems, has received approval for its tactical wastewater treatment system from the state of Virginia, US, to treat wastewater generated by military water purification training operations at FT. Story, Virginia.

When most people are thirsty, they go to their sink or reach for a bottle to quench their thirst. When the US military gets thirsty, it goes to the nearest river, lake or ocean for a drink. On the battlefield, Military operations need supplies and there is nothing more important than keeping soldiers supplied with purified water. The military accomplishes this by using specially designed and constructed mobile reverse osmosis water purification units (ROWPU). These "mobile water purifiers" can go almost anywhere and produce potable water from almost any source.

Soldiers who operate and maintain the ROWPUs, and who distribute water to the soldiers in the field, train initially at FT. Lee, Virginia, and receive enhanced military occupational skills training at FT. Story, Virginia. An additional "tactical scenario" training site is also planned for FT Pickett, Virginia.

Because the ROWPU must get close to the source water, the training is performed in environmentally sensitive areas: ocean beach, lake, river, or stream side. Through the course of learning ROWPU operation and maintenance procedures, wastewater is generated through backwashing multi-media filters and cleaning of the reverse osmosis membrane elements. Product water (raw water that has been purified) must also be treated before discharging because of high levels of chlorine that is added to prevent recontamination by various types of microorganisms.

These "tactical wastewaters" would normally have to be hauled out by tanker truck to a state approved location for discharge, usually to a wastewater treatment plant. This is not a cost effective or asset efficient solution. By utilising the MMFFS™ to treat the wastewater on site, a substantial cost savings is realized and there is no need to utilise other assets for back hauling the wastewater.

With this important development, soldiers can now train on ROWPU operations and maintenance procedures while maintaining a high state of readiness and preparedness and preserving high level of environmental stewardship with no adverse environmental impact.

About the MMFFS

The MMFFS is a tactical water treatment and purification system designed by TerraGroup Corporation. The system was designed to fit in a standard M105 US army trailer and is towable by 2.5t or 5t trucks. It is totally self-contained, needing only diesel fuel or gasoline, depending on the model. It can be operational in 30 minutes and is operated and maintained by one person with no special tools and minimal instruction.

The MMFFS can be configured for different flow rates and flow patterns from 50 gallons per minute (GPM) to 150 GPM. The capabilities of the MMFFS include treating ROWPU wastewater streams, pre-treating NBC contaminated water to protect downstream components and equipment; decontamination runoff resulting from mass causality incidents, highly chlorinated water, grey water from showers and laundry systems and water that has been contaminated with POL (petroleum-oils-lubricants).

Major components of the MMFFS can be recycled and be reconstituted and returned to service with little or no waste. The MMFFS is protected by 3 US patents and trademarks.