Techaya has launched the MILTECH™ 9012 military-grade Ethernet router, which provides a solution with 12Gb Ethernet 10/100/1,000 ports in the smallest size currently available on the market.

The MILTECH 9012 router has been designed to support all the newest routing protocols available, including full support for IP Version 6. It is a miniature solution for large-scale systems, which desire integration of a miniature router.

Tactical router for avionic applications

The development of the MILTECH 9012 has been directed towards its use in avionic military and tough environmental applications. Featuring a small packaging design, the military router is MIL-STD-810F airborne and ground environmental compliant. The units supports full L3 routing protocols such as Unicast and Multicast for IPV4 and IPV6, static routing, RIP V1 and V2, OSPF V1, V2 and V3, PIM V4 and V6, IGMP/MLD, IGMP proxy, VRRP, and more.

The hardened design of the unit means it can protect against impact, ingress and shock / vibration while removing dynamic parts through passive cooling. Due to its size and weight – below 1kg – the MILTECH 9012 has already been deployed in numerous UAV applications across the world.

MILTECH 9012 is an Ethernet tactical switch router which provides best-in-class technology for IPV4 and IPV6 networks. Today it is the optimal solution for net-centric devices and IP-enabled networks. The compact sized and low weight of this unit is ideally suited for the expansion of port density in cases of spatially restricted airborne and ground vehicle environments.


Transmission and acquisition of data
C4ISR battlefield communications
Rugged networks
Mobile communications
Combat vehicles
Shipboard and avionic systems