Systematic’s command and control (C2) software products have been put through their paces during one of the biggest and most important exercises for Sweden’s C2 Regiment in Enköping.

SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Headquarters WebCOP, together with Systematic’s IRIS military messaging products, form part of the tri-service C2 platform, SWECCIS. For the first time, the software was rolled out to all users for planning and situational awareness.

The combined joint staff exercise (CJSE) in April saw over 800 Swedish and international participants take part in a UN-mandated crises response operation scenario.

As reported on the Försvarsmakten (Swedish Armed Forces) website, Lt Col Hans Selg, project manager for CJSE from the Command and Control Regiment, said: "The most important thing that happened during the ten-day exercise is that we had the first opportunity to test the latest version of the SWECCIS configuration, and it worked much better than expected.

"In addition, gave students from the National Defence College, Baltic Defence College and the Finnish National Defence College the opportunity to participate in CJSE as part of their training to practice staff methodology and team work."

SitaWare received data from the Swedish BAE simulation system, TYR. This data was then replicated within typically one-two minutes to SitaWare installations at the Operational HQ, Land Component Command HQ (LCC HQ), Special Operations Component Command (SOCC) and one Brigade in Enköping, as well as the Maritime Component Command HQ (MCC HQ) in Karlskrona and the Air Component Command HQ (ACC HQ) and CAOC in Uppsala.

Each Headquarters also exchanged data with the top level Operational HQ, which coordinated the exercise with non-military participants from Stockholm’s Folke Bernadotte Academy.

SitaWare Headquarters WebCOP also took Link 16 feeds from NATO’s integrated air command and control system, ICC, to provide a common operational picture to all participants, when combined with data from SitaWare Headquarters.