Systematic has signed an agreement with the Finnish Defence Forces, Materiel Command Headquarters to provide maintenance to the FINACCIS2 Command and Control (C2) system. The framework agreement will see the provision of maintenance, new licences and specialist support work over the next five years.

Merja Annala, President Systematic Oy Finland, says: "I am very pleased that this agreement will enable us to continue working closely with our Finnish customer as the FINACCIS system evolves. Our products have been specifically built on international standards for exchanging information, which gives our customers a higher level of interoperability out-of-the-box. With access to new licences and product updates together with the specialist support element of the framework agreement, we’re ready to support the Finnish Armed Forces into the future."

Last year, the SitaWare and IRIS products successfully underwent thorough laboratory, network and field trials. "We were very pleased with the results of the testing phase," says Colonel Olli-Matti Salminen. "We are now preparing to deploy FINACCIS2 in international operations and sharing information with coalition partners is vital to mission success."

The products have also been extensively tested by several countries, including Finland, in large-scale, multi-national interoperability exercises over a number of years, such as the NATO-led CWIX event where this year a third of the sixteen participating Nations used Systematic Command and Control (C2) software to improve their ability to interoperate with each other.

"The use of the MIP standard means that FINACCIS2 delivers far more than Blue Force Situation Awareness," says Ian Smart, a Systematic Lead Consultant and UK voting stakeholder at the Multilateral Interoperability Programme Working Groups.

"As well as the automatic exchange of who/what, where and when information, they have the ability to exchange the detailed status and logistics (personnel, equipment and consumables) information needed to understand how the units can be employed and when they need to be resupplied."

Ian Smart continues: "A comprehensive ‘enemy’ and ‘neutral’ picture with underlying intelligence assessments, capabilities and Rules of Engagement for own and coalition forces provides us with the actionable information to assess Courses of Action and conduct planning with improved operational tempo.

"The use of unambiguous, language-independent international standards lets them do this collaboratively where necessary and then to issue text and graphic orders, effectively command and control own and assigned forces, coordinate with cooperating forces and achieve mission success."

The Finnish Defence Forces began training with FINACCIS2 earlier this year and Systematic’s interoperability specialists will be working closely with them towards operational deployment in 2013.