ClassroomThe project partners are set to establish a generic methodology to enable multilateral interoperability programme (MIP)-based command and control (C2) systems to drive simulation systems using digitised orders and Nato’s coalition battle management language (C-BML).

Systematic’s SitaWare Headquarters C2 software will be integrated with MASA SWORD automated, aggregated constructive simulation through a prototype C-BML interface.

This 18-months project involving the Danish Defence, Systematic and MASA Group will assess the current C-BML standard and propose recommendations to Nato’s Modelling & Simulation Group 085 for enabling a more powerful integration between C2 systems and simulators.

A basic integration of the two COTS products, SWORD and SitaWare Headquarters, was shown at ITEC in London last month and can be seen during Eurosatory (11-15 June, 2012) at Systematic’s stand (Hall 6, stand #C57) and MASA Group’s stand (Hall 5, stand #J108). It demonstrates how non-manned units can be commanded in the training scenario and test different courses of action against each other.

SWORD is empowered by a doctrine-compliant intelligent automation that allows the set-up of small to large scale exercises. The units are driven by customizable adaptive behaviours, ensuring maximum realism while requiring less human controllers, now fully focused on the core training job.

The C-BML project will deliver its first demonstrator at I/ITSEC in December 2012 and will have the final demonstrator ready in 2013.