With the approach of 2016, STEYR MOTORS launched its longstanding engineering competence as a separate business field instead of keeping it integrated in each of the specialised fields (vehicle, marine, industrial).

As a result, the company was able to extend its service portfolio and point out its unique specialty: the development of innovative power packs and (hybrid) systems for use on land, at sea or in the air.

The company’s new engineering portfolio offers an appealing blend of tradition and innovation leading to efficient solutions that meet the customer’s demands, while also mastering an application’s real-life challenges learned from the longstanding engineering expertise of STEYR MOTORS in various industries and international projects.

Originated from the famous Steyr-Daimler-Puch group of companies, STEYR MOTORS has a long history in the field of engineering that is proven by the numerous patents and certificates held by the company. While historically the company’s emphasis was on engines operated on diesel and its derivates, more than a decade ago STEYR MOTORS started its R&D in compact and innovative power packs, as well as in hybrid propulsion.

Since this shift in the company’s focus, a variety of outstanding projects featuring diesel-electric systems, as well as non-diesel applications using gas and biofuel have been completed. In addition to the series production of 2-cylinder, 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines and systems in a standard range from 35HP to 300HP, the Austrian engineering specialist provides customised systems in lower, as well as higher power ranges and also implements customer-specific adaptions and developments.

Within the last years, STEYR MOTORS doubled its workforce due to the growing demand for compact, robust and efficient engines and power packs. The corporate growth resulted in a significant company expansion of the headquarters in Steyr, which was completed in summer 2015.

With 3,600sqm of additional engineering, logistics and production space, and several new high-end test benches, as well as approximately 500sqm of additional office space, STEYR MOTORS implemented a state-of-the-art engineering centre that secures the company’s role as a world leading specialist for combustion engines, e-machines and hybrid systems.

This remarkable investment highlights the company’s engineering competence while also providing the basis for an even more enhanced engineering portfolio.

From concepts and prototypes to small-scale or large-scale series production, STEYR MOTORS offers a wide and modular range of services including customised developments from scratch or customer-specific adaptions of base products, prototype assembly, industrialisation, licensing for production at a customer’s site, high-end test cells and test equipment for in-house testing of components, prototypes and series products.

Moreover, the service spectrum focuses on customer-specific projects regardless of whether the customer is the manufacturer, OEM or end user of a product. In addition to the evaluation and testing of its own developments, STEYR MOTORS also welcomes enquiries for cooperation from other manufacturers, institutions and authorities.

In summary, by establishing engineering as a new business field, STEYR MOTORS now places an even stronger focus on developing and producing customised solutions that are standing up to real-world demands and provide economic benefits in respect of the overall product life cycle cost for the customer.

Thanks to its vast experience in R&D, as well as in the (series) production of engines and power systems, the company combines profound know-how with the expertise in applying products in various surroundings and industries.

This important combination of theory and practice is the ideal framework for future engineering projects and will further strengthen STEYR MOTORS’ role as the preferred partner for customised power packs and extensive engineering services.