Steatite is pleased to invite you to visit us at the Counter Terror Expo 2011, where we will be demonstrating our design capabilities and bespoke rugged technology solutions.

The exhibition is the largest event globally to focus on counter terrorism and specialist security solutions for the public and private sector. It brings together all relevant organisations and equipment suppliers with the aim of improving public safety.

Steatite brings extensive experience in the design and provision of custom solutions, including rugged computing hardware and custom designed battery power.

The Steatite showcase will include the latest in rugged computing technology along with Steatite lithium battery solutions.

Steatite will also be host to Marty Conrad who will be presenting a workshop presentation on Tactical MANET (Mobile Adhock NETwork Radio). This is a new and very interesting radio system ideal for urban, underground and terrains that normally challenge conventional radio networks.

The workshop theme will be ‘Information and Communication Systems’.