Steatite battery pack module

Steatite Limited, a specialist in the design and manufacture of custom lithium battery pack solutions, has signed a European distribution agreement with Beckett Energy Systems (BES).

This collaboration gives Steatite the ability to provide a UN-approved, 24Vdc battery pack module, ideally suited to energy storage and portable power applications.

BES senior business development manager Brad Moore said: "We are excited about partnering with Steatite to increase the visibility and penetration of our lithium-ion battery solution in the European Union.

"The value of a highly scalable, long cycle life and lightweight lithium-ion solution adds another product dimension for Steatite and we have high confidence in them for a mutually beneficial future."

Steatite divisional director Paul Edwards commented: "We are delighted to be partnering with Beckett Energy Systems on the distribution of their lithium ion battery module.

"This agreement will enable Steatite to provide local European distribution for the Beckett Energy battery module, which will be an excellent choice for energy storage and remote power applications in Marine and Defence Markets. There will be significant gains for existing and new customers and through collaborative working with Beckett we envisage a promising future."

24V large format lithium-ion module

The batteries are modular in design and offer a greater flexibility when designing a solution to meet specific power requirements. Offering the high-energy-density and lightweight of lithium-ion battery solutions, this battery module provides the OEM with an ‘off the shelf’ solution, eliminating the costs associated with design NRE and qualification.

Scalable from 1kWh – 100kWh of capacity, customers can be confident in the long cycle life of Beckett’s lithium-ion battery module with Boston-Power cells.

UN-approved for safe transportation

Compliant with UN38.3 shipping regulations for lithium-ion batteries, the Beckett Model 8224S Li-ion battery module can now be shipped by any means (air freight, cargo, ground, sea vessel and rail) to all countries recognising the UN standard.

Ten-year cycle life achieved

Commercially launched in February 2014, Beckett’s 24Vdc lithium-ion battery module has undergone continuous life cycle testing, recently reaching 3,650 cycles, the equivalent of ten years of life if cycled daily. This significantly long cycle life milestone further supports its use as an ideal solution for emerging advanced energy products.

"Long cycle life leads to fewer battery replacements over time, reduces system downtime, and lowers the need for spare battery packs, allowing Beckett Energy to offer a low total cost of ownership lithium-ion battery solution for our customers," Moore added. .

"Through extensive testing of the Boston-Power cell in our commercial model 8224S, 1.1kWh module, we are able to demonstrate this long cycle life milestone."

DSEI 2015

Steatite will be showcasing the UN-approved 24Vdc battery pack module at Defence Security Equipment International (DSEI 2015) on stand S3-385 from 15 – 18 September.

More details can be found at the company website.