ST Kinetics and Paramount Group today announced a strategic collaboration to market a family of high mobility armoured wheeled vehicles. Under the agreement, the two companies will pool their expertise to jointly market, manufacture and support a family of protected wheeled vehicles.

ST Kinetics and Paramount Group recognise that modern conflicts demand highly protected wheeled vehicles with superb mobility that can increase the survivability of the crew and ensure mission success. The collaboration, which brings together the strengths of these two companies, will address the market needs for such highly protected and vastly manoeuvrable vehicles. It will allow their respective customers to enjoy highly cost effective solutions through global best sourcing and localised through-life support.

Resulting from this collaboration is a comprehensive range of wheeled vehicles for military and homeland security applications. These include ST Kinetics’ highly manoeuvrable and network-enabled TERREX 8×8 Armoured Personnel Carrier, and Paramount Group’s mine-protected and highly mobile MBOMBE 6×6 Armoured Fighting Vehicle, MAVERICK 4×4 Internal Security Vehicle, MARAUDER 4×4 Wheeled Troop Carrier and MATADOR 4×4 Multi-role Mine Protected Vehicle.

"ST Kinetics and Paramount Group each has a proven track record in the design and development of land systems vehicles. This partnership allows us to bring together the reputable products of Paramount Group with our capabilities in systems integration and manufacturing to offer cost effective protected mobility solutions to our customers."

SEW Chee Jhuen, President, ST Kinetics

"Our collaboration with ST Kinetics represents an invaluable springboard into the Asia-Pacific region for Paramount Group. We are both ambitious, innovative businesses which understand our customers’ needs and the changing demands of modern defence and peace-keeping. Our in-region partnership means that we can be very quick to market and very quick to respond to customers’ changing needs. "

Ivor ICHIKOWITZ, Executive Chairman, Paramount Group

ST Kinetics is an experienced designer of armoured vehicles and includes in its stable the battle-proven WARTHOG All Terrain Tracked Vehicle and the highly manoeuvrable TERREX 8×8 Armoured Personnel Carrier. The collaboration with Paramount Group allows ST Kinetics to offer a wider range of armoured wheeled vehicles while providing customers the strong and dependable through-life support that ST Kinetics is known for.

Paramount Group, South Africa’s largest privately-owned defence company, has established a reputation for the development of world-leading technologies in the land forces and aerospace environment. Its state-of-the-art family of armoured vehicles provides outstanding mobility and some of the highest levels of protection to crew. The vehicles can be used for a variety of roles including defence, peacekeeping, internal security, surveillance and communications, command post, ambulance, recovery vehicle and logistics.