Every 20 seconds a child dies of diarrhea or other water borne diseases. The diseases mainly occur in areas with bad water conditions and high poverty. Easy access to clean, running water is one of the most important steps in combating such diseases.

Jesper Ellegaard, managing director, says: "Not everyone is privileged to quench one’s thirst when needed. I feel we have an obligation to alleviate the shortage of clean water."

Pure H2O’s BlueBox UF Solar makes it possible to treat water from any source. The BlueBox UF Solar is a development of BlueBox 1200 and is mounted on a trailer and connected to solar panels. The use of solar panels makes it suitable in areas where there is no electricity or where gasoline is scarce. The use of solar panels makes it environmentally friendly and easy to use even in very remote areas. The capacity is 1,800l per hour at 25 degrees water.

The high quality of the clean water is achieved through ultra-filtration membrane technology, which rids the water of all biological organisms, including all potential water borne diseases. The pump sucks in raw water, which is then fed through four pre-filtering processes (100 my, 25 my, 5 my coal filter), then ultra filtration and UV-light exposure.

The unit will remove sediments, organic chemicals, bacteria, cysts, giardia, and cryptosporidium and similar pathogens. The system will remove heavy metals such as arsenic, but it will not remove aqueous salts or radiation compounds.

The drinking water quality is in accordance with both the WHO guidelines and Sphere standards. Together with the fast deployment time and sturdy design it is well suited for both NGO’s and emergency deployment.