Sital has recently released a new version of MuxSoft™ software package for all its Mil-Std-1553 Tester products.

The new version is aimed at improving the support for Sital’s multi-channel boards like PCI, PMC, cPCI, PC-104 and others, offers better performance, improved usability and new documentation for programmers.

MuxSoft software package provides full MIL-STD-1553B test, simulation and bus analysis capability, and it consists of several components:

  • MuxSim™ – a Graphical User Interface (GUI) program that manages the simulation of a 1553 bus by creating messages and frames, controlling timing and rates of messages, selecting active buses and active Remote Terminals and re-transmitting pre-recorded bus data.
  • MuxMonitor™ – a GUI program that monitors the 1553 bus, records bus data into files, re-plays the recorded data in simulation, enables filters and triggers for recording and re-playing. This program allows the user to track and follow bus messages, errors and any behavior that needs to be evaluated.
  • mcxSIM™ – a program that manages a script based simulation and testing of the 1553 and RS-485 buses by reading a command file.
  • TesterDLL – a Dynamic Link Library module that serves software functions via API which operates the MultiComBox™ or any other Sital tester device. Software programmers should use this DLL file if they want to create their own application or GUI.

MuxSoft, along with any of the Sital tester products, also supports additional protocols like H009, WB-194, Arinc 429 and RS-485.

All of the Sital tester products include features like:

  • Simultaneous Bus Controller, Remote Terminal and Monitor on all channels
  • Multi RT – up to 32 RTs
  • Recording and playback of 1553 traffic
  • Error injection
  • Error detection

MuxSoft is included with all Sital’s tester products, and upgrading to this version is available for free to all MultiComBox and other tester products, which are under support contract.