RUD Chains Ltd, a leading manufacturer of chain systems and components, provides specialist and standard solutions for the Armed Forces Worldwide.

On Land, Sea and Air, RUD Military Technology is meeting the specific needs of the world’s defence forces through innovative products and advanced industry knowledge. For over 140 years the RUD group has been producing top quality chains and applications to suit a vast array of working environments.

RUD offer an extensive range of lifting and lashing applications which includes both welded and threaded types, covering a working load capacity range from 0.6 to 200 tonne.

Offering over 270 different tested and certified lifting/lashing points, 210 of which are for bolting and 60 for welding. RUD is ISO 9001 certified and renowned for their expertise in heat treatment methods – delivering high performance chain products to suit the most demanding applications.

Innovation and product development are key factors in which RUD base their products around. Through continuous innovations RUD have produced many lifting applications that offer numerous benefits one being the VLBG load ring that can be turned 360°.

The VLBG can be turned 360° and aligned to the direction of the pull. The load ring can be tilted which guarantees a full working load limit in all load directions. Complex lifts where the load has to be manoeuvred and tilted in all directions can be safely and effectively done with the use of the VLBG load ring.

Features Include:

  • VLBG can be turned 360°
  • Load ring can be tilted, guaranteeing a full working load limit in all direction
  • Complete with a 100% crack detected hexagon insert socket screw for universal use of tools. The maximum lengths of the screws are adjusted in a way that a material thickness of abt. 8xM (with M8 to M30) or 5xM (with M36 to M48) can be mounted by using a hexagon nut (ISO 7084/7090).
  • Adjustable load ring, Compact design
  • Only one tap hole required
  • Outer and inner hexhead bolt for universal tool use

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lifting and lashing applications combined with their extensive range of products and knowledge in the market, RUD are continually innovating and developing their extensive product range to stay at the forefront of their customers’ demands.