FAUN Trackway is taking its collection of aluminium roadway solutions to NavExFor in Virginia on 13-14 March 2012.

Among the products being showcased is the Heavy Ground Mobility System (HGMS) which is a ground-surfacing aluminium roadway.

It can be used in a wide variety of situations such as sand, snow and marshland and is designed to take weights of up to 70t.

HGMS is used to prevent vehicles becoming bogged down or ruts forming in the ground and has been specifically designed to be as efficient as possible – it can be fully deployed by two men in six minutes.

FAUN Trackway will also be bringing its Medium Ground Mobility System (MGMS) to the exhibition – MGMS is similar to the HGMS but is specifically designed for lightweight vehicles and is capable of withstanding loads of up to 30t.

Other technology in FAUN’s product suite includes the Vehicle Recovery Mats (VRMs) which are designed to get heavy military vehicles unstuck fast.

The company is currently developing a new Aircraft Landing Mat for the US Army which is due to be unveiled later this year.

FAUN Trackway’s products are used by over 40 armed forces worldwide and are employed in military and disaster-relief missions.

Chris Kendall, senior vice president at FAUN Trackway, said: "Armed forces facing complex military or relief operations need to know that their assets and personnel will be able to reach difficult territories.

"Our durable roadway products are specifically designed to give heavy vehicles and their cargo safe passage to otherwise inaccessible areas."

FAUN Trackway is exhibiting on stand 409 at NavExFor 2012.