RF assembly calculator

The HUBER+SUHNER RF Assembly Calculator appears in a fresh, lively design and provides many additional features.

A highlight is the easy comparison up to maximum three HUBER+SUHNER radio frequency cables and assemblies in different configurations and environments.

It addresses customers, sales people, engineers, technicians and offers an easy access to technical specifications such as insertion loss and power rating. Results and graphs can be easily exported to PDF and sent by e-mail.

Furthermore, it allows extended calculations of cable constructions.

New features include:

  • Comparison of up to three assemblies
  • Database of more than 270 cables, including Astrolab
  • Technical specifications at one glance (insertion loss, power rating, etc.)
  • Calculations in specific temperatures and altitudes
  • Export of results to PDF
  • Available on the iPhone App ‘RF Tools’
  • Downloadable for free in English and Chinese

The iPhone App ‘RF Tools’ has been enhanced with the well-known Assembly Calculator. More than 270 cables and assemblies from HUBER+SUHNER AG can be easily calculated on the iPhone, anytime and anywhere, with no need for internet connection.

The app is available for free in English and Chinese in the App Store.