The IMSI400 is Phantom Technologies’ unrivalled IMSI CATCHER, designed to detect IMSIs and IMEIs present and active in a designated area for both 2G and 3G phones. This capability enables the device’s operator to identify possible threats.

IMSI 400 acts as a ‘false’ mobile tower, and due to its strong signal strength it captures the active IMSI numbers in its vicinity.

The IMSI400’s key features include:

  • Lightweight, compact and easy to handle
  • Software Define Radio (SDR) enables great flexibility and future upgrades
  • Easy-to-use management system
  • On-screen alert when a marked IMSI / IMEI enters the perimeter
  • The system supports GSM and UMTS bands

IMSI 400 is intended for use by prisons, military and special police forces and governmental facilities.