persistent systems

Persistent Systems, a global communications technology company based in New York City, has signed a new reseller agreement with UK-based technology organisation Steatite to provide overseas customers easier accesses to its suite of products. Persistent Systems develops, manufactures and integrates a patented and secure Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) system called Wave Relay®. This partnership adds a valuable capability to Steatite’s current product offerings with an intuitive vertical integration for consumers.

Persistent Systems Business Development and Marketing vice-president Adrien Robenhymer said: "We are excited to be able to offer our UK customers a more streamlined way to obtain our product through this reseller. Steatite offers us an ability to shorten the sales cycle for our overseas consumer as they have the ability to go directly through Steatite locally for access to Persistent Systems products."

Steatite marketing director Mike Mountfield said: "Steatite has made a significant investment in the Wave Relay® suite of products. Designed to maintain connectivity on the move, this scalable, peer-to-peer wireless network provides data, video and voice whilst extending your network wirelessly into RF restricted areas. By combining Wave Relay® products with our rugged mobile computers and portable power solutions, Steatite is able to supply a deployable end-to-end communications solution to customers in EMEA and emerging countries."