Oxley Developments Company has announced its certification to AS9100C.

Certified in 2011, this latest revision of the quality standard for the aerospace industry obtained by Oxley also incorporates supply chain and customer focus elements suitable for SC21.

Being certified as a ‘Supplier of Excellence’ to the aerospace industry supports Oxley’s position as a reliable and credible supplier, giving customers the confidence that their requirements will be met to a high standard.

In order to achieve the certification, a change of approach showing Oxley’s commitment to quality involved demonstrating how the company monitors and measures their performance, and how they performed against targets, including ‘On Time in Full’ and ‘On Quality’. Continuous improvement activities and new process mapping documents were audited over a seven-day period by the certification body, which was confident that Oxley had all of the necessary processes in place to measure improvement and reach maximum possible performance.

Stephanie Smith, quality manager said, "With the commitment of staff at all levels, we revamped our old quality system to facilitate the certification for the new standard. We were all delighted that this was a right-first-time effort with no major non-conformities to address, and already the improvements that we have made have been of great benefit to the organisation and its customers and suppliers."