The Guard F-1 Open Frame network solution

The Guard-F1 Open Frame network solution

MPL AG expands the industrial Ethernet product range with a new rugged gigabit firewall and VPN router that is an ideal solution for new or existing applications where space is limited. The open frame design enables customers or system integrators to integrate the system into their own enclosures.

The GUARD-F1 Open Frame network solution is specifically designed for industrial and defence applications where security, quality, reliability, low-power consumption and long-term availability are key. Other possible applications include: remote monitoring and maintenance, and secure communication in automation. The GUARD-F1 Open Frame is mounted on a cooling plate and includes three-gigabit ethernet interfaces. Two of them are either available as copper or SFP ports, the third is copper only. The special design enables the system to operate in harsh environments without a fan or additional ventilation.

The uniqueness is the small space the solution requires. This allows to install it in almost any place or to use it with existing housings. The GUARD can be operated from a range of -20°C to 60°C, and additionally in extended temperature environments ranging from -40°C up to 85°C, of course fanless.

The availability of copper ports as well as SFP ports for various fiber-optic solutions make the product universal. The internal Mini-PCIe slot supports various extensions such as WLAN or GPRS. In addition to this, the unit provides an externally available USB connector and a microSD memory card slot, allowing easy logging and/or configuration capabilities. The GUARD-F1 Open Frame can be customized over an optional backplane, providing additional interfaces like 2x SATA, 3x USB, and 2x PCI Express ports.

Other key features are:

  • Wide input voltage range of 8V-36VDC with reverse polarity protection
  • 3 x 1gigabit ethernet ports, two can be used either as RJ45 or as SFP port
  • Supports all SFP modules which conform to the SFP Multi Source Agreement (MSA) according INF-8074
  • 100Base-FX or gigabit ethernet compatible (single and multimode)
  • OpenWRT open source operating system to control security

The GUARD units are developed and produced 100% in Switzerland by MPL AG, based on more then 28 years company tradition and an expansive know-how in the lowest power consumption and extended temperature operation.

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