nano connector

Omnetics’ nano miniature connectors are designed and connected to impedance controlled cable systems to provide high-quality signal integrity for high-speed gigabit signal processing needs between components and systems in highly rugged environments. For more information see here.

Less space and lower weight are additional benefits when using the nano-miniature connectors. Previous versions of micro-connectors at .050in pitch, and even larger Mil-spec-circular connectors such as the 38999 have been used, but are holding back the miniaturisation and the overall portability of many systems. Omnetics employs its standard line of nano-sized Bi-lobe® connectors at .025in pitch that are mated with high-speed cable using differential signal hook-up methods that include dedicated drain wires to achieve the highest speeds possible. Up to and more than 2GB a second are being achieved as cable lengths are maintained at a minimum length, and impedance matching is managed to retain the best possible performance. The key to achieving good performance lies within a unique wiring methodology, precision processing of the interface between cable and connectors, and the understanding of high-speed digital transmission technology. Significantly higher digital speeds can be achieved by using custom design and layouts provided by Omnetics Engineering.

Omnetics maintains a high-speed modeling and testing facility that is staffed with experienced engineers to work directly with the designer. This attention to detail early in the design stage helps save time and money, while achieving the highest signal integrity performance needed for the application. Working with the Omnetics design team, we recommend using surface-mount nano-connectors as the main interface to the printed circuit boards to maximise signal launch from the boards to the interconnections as opposed to the thru-hole. Design options are available and can be discussed as new design sizes, shapes and challenges arise.

Electro-magnetic interference (EMI), needs serious attention as digital speeds increase and components are physically squeezed into smaller and tighter environments. Cable shielding and drain-wire methods are changing too, mainly as a way of protecting the signals being sent from one end to the other. The all-metal shells and shielded cable in Omnetics nano-connectors provide an excellent source of ground management. Ruggedised and miniaturised equipment that require higher speeds abound as new surveillance and communication products are designed. Helicopter systems, unmanned aerial vehicles and future soldiers all employ high-speed digital systems. Size and weight reduction while increasing circuit speed is the challenge of the day. Omnetics is meeting that challenge with its standard nano-connector line and custom design, test and certification technology. Information and custom assistance available at: