Omnetics IP68

In the world of circular connectors there are thousands of styles, sizes, configurations and functionality types available.

IP68-rated connectors in particular are becoming more and more common in both standard and custom configurations.

These assemblies focus around a watertight seal and are specifically designed to withstand shock, vibration, and corrosion in some of the world’s harshest environments.

To better understand this new connector trend, designers must first understand exactly what the IP68 code entails. The IP itself stands for Ingress Protection. The numbers i.e. IP68, correspond to a level of protection. Keep in mind, they’re separate, so it’s technically a ‘6’ and a ‘8’, as opposed to ’68’.

The ‘6’ means that the connector won’t allow dust to enter it and in turn offers complete protection to it, meanwhile, the ‘8’ signifies that the connector won’t be harmed if it is immersed in water to a depth and duration specified by the manufacturer.

Omnetics Connector Corporation has upgraded both its standard Micro and Nano-miniature circular product families to include an all new IP68 configuration, designed to withstand high-pressure environments, where rugged reliability is critical.

This new line of circular connectors was specifically developed in response to Omnetics customers’ requests for harsh, environmentally sealed Micro and Nano-miniature circular connector design, able to fit within the same physical space and function as previous Omnetics circular iterations, but also meet a superior specification for military and marine related applications
amongst others.

These new IP68 connector configurations offer users what they have grown to expect from Omnetics; a rugged, compact, lightweight, and now sealed connector solution ideally suited to withstand a variety of severe environmental, industrial and chemical conditions.

These circular configurations feature unique shell types in both the Micro and Nano-miniature lines known as threaded, twist-lock and breakaway.

Omnetics threaded option of circular connectors are some of the smallest Mil-Quality circulars available today. This line is ideal for the most demanding applications where size and weight are critical, giving them a positive lock and environmental seal.

This shell, like all others, offers users a variety of material and finish options including standard and black nickel plated brass, as well stainless steel options.

Similar to the threaded version, a quarter-turn twist-lock configurations is also available. Omnetics ‘twist lock’ circular shell features two bayonet lugs on the male housing; enabling mating and demating to be achieved with a simple quarter turn of the female coupling nut.

This shell was specifically designed with an extra retention spring to allow for quick mating and de-mating. This configuration was engineered to release or ‘breakaway’ at a pre-determined force of roughly 3 to 5lbs. (Each contact adds an additional 2.5oz. ea.).

All three configurations include gold plated contacts, which are polarised and shrouded by our unique (LCP) Liquid Crystal Polymer insulator, making these connectors capable of more than 2,000 mating cycles.

Current applications include helmet electronics, surveillance equipment, miniature robotic systems, and portable communication
systems amongst others.

Each metal shelled circular features excellent EMI 360° shielding, extremely robust keying options as well as an IP68 seal.