Klinge Corporation traveled to Norway to attend Offshore North Seas (ONS), one of the world’s leading events for the international energy industry. The focus of this year’s event was on changes, as featured on the ONS website:

"Energy requirements and consumption has increased – and continues to do so dramatically. The climate is changing, which in turn spurs change and action from the global community. Access to resources is also shifting its centre of gravity, and affects the markets, such as for example shale gas has done.

We know that everything changes, so the question is what is around the next corner. Which natural resources will be most in demand? Which will we stop turning into energy? Will renewable forms of energy become commercial enough to create an explosion in innovation and business development like that in the oil and gas industry? It is the combined global technology industry that drives the world forward. The oil and gas industry is a natural component of this high-tech wheel."

Held from 25-28 August 2014, ONS is comprised of an exhibition, conference and festival. The event brought more than 91,000 people to the city of Stavanger, which is home to Scandinavia’s largest oil company, Statoil.

Company vice-president, Allan Klinge, presented its Offshore Refrigerated Containers to oil executives and government officials. The equipment is specially designed for harsh conditions of offshore environments. Klinge Corp’s Offshore Refrigerated Containers are rated for Hazardous Zone 1 & 2 European ATEX and US NEC Div. 1 and 2.