With the help of engineer Robert Glaser, Photonic is restructuring its sales and marketing team for the security technology branch.

The 36-year-old from Vienna has many years of experience in sales and IT, thus putting him in a position to actively support the growth of the company.

He gained the required expertise in various roles, including key account manager, technical product manager and field sales engineer at internationally operating companies such as Canon, Xerox, Ocè and MSC Vertriebs GmbH.

Initially, Robert Glaser will focus on expanding the international sales market. This involves strategic management of contacts to OEMs, representatives and end customers.

Glaser acts as a contact person for these parties with regard to all Photonic products for the infantry and artillery as well as devices for night-time optic monitoring. He is also responsible for selling semi-custom, full-custom and standard products.

New spirit for product innovation

His extensive technical knowledge will also be implemented to extend the existing product range and develop state-of-the-art innovative products, such as the Fire Control System 2013.

This is exactly where he thinks Photonic’s big competitive advantage lies: "Our strong points are a high level of expertise in development as well as in-house production.

"Knowledge is only exchanged within the WILD group and is not shared with the outside world.

"This means the level of discretion can be kept very high, particularly with technically innovative customer orders, giving us a decisive market advantage," stressed Glaser.