FAUN Trackway USA will be at the Association of United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting in Washington DC to showcase the newest additions to its product portfolio.

At the 12-14 October event, the company will be focusing on its recently launched Heavy Ground Mobility System – Independent Variant (HGMS-IV), a specially designed hybrid of FAUN Trackway’s flagship Heavy Ground Mobility System (HGMS) that has been customised to include a stand-alone power supply.

The HGMS-IV enables 30m of MLC 70 Trackway aluminium matting to be deployed and recovered without requiring power from an additional transportation vehicle, removing the need for users to invest in a bespoke chassis.

HGMS-IV prevents military vehicles from getting bogged down in challenging terrain such as sand, snow and marshland, as well as being used as a bridging egress to protect banks from erosion caused by heavy traffic.

FAUN Trackway’s latest helipad solution will also be an emphasis of the show. Made for its range of expedient helipads, the company’s Helipad Multi-Role Packaging Solution is made up of an ISO container that transports and stores the equipment and tools necessary for personnel to build a helipad where infrastructure has been damaged or non-existent.

The container is fitted with lighting, furniture, storage and a power supply for it to be used as an operational base once the helipad has been deployed.

AUSA is the largest land power exposition and professional development forum in North America and provides a platform for defence manufacturers, engineers and suppliers with armed forces personnel from across the world.

Mike Holdcraft, vice-president at FAUN Trackway USA, said: "Our newest portable roadway and helipad systems offer practical and safe access to a variety of environments to armed forces around the world and we’re looking forward to discussing them in further detail with attendees.

"Exhibiting at AUSA allows us to demonstrate our full suite of products, as well as make some valuable introductions with decision makers responsible for defence budgets in the region."