April pr

The LV-12094/342 is the perfect choice of camera for those who need detailed imaging with full HD resolution.

The camera is ready to be installed for indoor surveillance or it can be used as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) unit for integration in larger surveillance systems.

Typical installations are intelligence service, perimeter protection of buildings and critical infrastructure protection.

LV-12094/342 features

  • Full HD resolution
  • HD-SDI and analogue output
  • Zoom lens 4.7 to 94mm (20x)
  • High sensitivity
  • Fog penetration
  • Digital noise reduction
  • Day / night mode with moveable infrared (IR)-cut filter

The LV-12094/342 is operational down to half moonlight conditions with its day / night function that enables users to get detailed colour images during day and monochrome images at night.

The camera has a fog penetration function that enables owners to record under various weather conditions.
Users can also choose whether they want an analogue output or HD-SDI to match a surveillance system.

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