Systematic has developed a new IRIS software product. The IRIS MTF Gateway enables users of Command & Control (C2) systems to easily interoperate using several versions of ADatP-3/APP-11.

MTF standards are constantly evolving, as new baselines and versions of the various standards are issued regularly to keep up with emerging operational requirements, such as new types of orders, reports and legal values of fields. Also the messages are regularly re-engineered to increase consistency with other message definitions.

However, many defence systems have hard-coded support for a limited set of messages in a specific version of a standard, often the version used when the system was originally developed.

This means that over time many versions of a standard are in operational use and there is a big difference between the newest version of the standard compared to what is used in reality. The systems are seldom updated to keep up with the standards as implementing new versions across many systems is very costly.

The IRIS MTF Gateway is a product aimed at solving this problem for a specific domain of messages containing unit positions and geometric shapes. The MTF Gateway translates various messages with geometric information to / from a standardised intermediate format that is easy to interface with for software developers, and has already support in products providing situational awareness, including SitaWare headquarters.

The IRIS MTF Gateway is powered by the well-known and proven IRIS Forms Server and IRIS information mapping technology and provides a cost effective and easy-to-deploy solution aimed at SitaWare headquarters customers as well as system integrators looking for commercial-off-the-shelf mappings.