On Wednesday, March 11, 2015, the ordinary General Meeting of the members of the Hellenic Aerospace and Defense Industries Group (HASDIG) was held, during which its new Board of Directors was elected.

After constituted as body, its composition is as follows:

  • Chairman: George Troullinos, IDE – INTRACOM Defense Electronics
  • Vice-Chairman: Nikolaos Papatsas, THEON Sensors
  • Secretary General: Demetrios Papacostas, Hellenic Aerospace Industry
  • Treasurer: Nikolaos Kemos, ELFON

Ordinary Members:

  • Thomas Kalamaris, HELLAS SAT
  • Demetrios Katertzis, Hellenic Vehicle Industry
  • Christos Koimtzoglou, INASCO
  • Georgios Kounellis, Hellenic Defense Systems
  • Constantinos Koutsos, MILTECH
  • Panagiotis Lalaounis, ELEFSIS SHIPYARDS
  • Nikolaos Chalkoussis, AXON ENGINEERING

Alternate Members:

  • Paris Exindaris, TEMMA
  • Alexandros Kosmas, DASYC

HASDIG is a non-profit organization, aiming to powerfully and effectively represent its members before all institutional bodies and national and international authorities of the aerospace, defence and security sectors.

HASDIG is a member – national representative of the AeroSpace and Defense Industries Association of Europe (ASD), which represents industries of the Aerospace and Defense sector in contacting and cooperating with the European Defense Agency (EDA) and other institutional bodies and agencies of pan-European range and activities.

The re-elected chairman of HASDIG, Mr George Troullinos stated: "During a very critical period for the Greek economy, the new Board of Directors will further try to improve the openness of the Greek defense industries while, in the same time, it will cooperate with the relevant national authorities, in order for the domestic production capacity of the defense sector to be aligned with the national economic and defense industrial policy".