Omnetics Nano-D

With many sizes and formats readily available in Omnetics COT’s and standards library, your design can be assembled quickly and efficiently.

Whether it be for initial testing or full out production, Omnetics Connector Corporation has you covered. Standard contact sizes mimic the likes of MIL-DTL-83513 and 24308 including: 9, 15, 21, 25, 31, 37, 51, 65 and 85 pins, all at 0.25in pitch.

All standard wired offerings come pre-assembled with 18in of colour-coded 30 AWG Teflon® insulated wire. Longer lengths are also available upon request.

Circuit board level options range from horizontal and vertical surface mount, to a number of thru-hole configurations. Panel mount housings are also available and have the ability to include an environmental seal and will inter-mate with all qualified MIL-DTL-32139 manufacturers.

Alongside the MIL-STD version, which requires a pair of 0-80# jackscrews to ensure a mated state, Omnetics has created the very first of its kind, a 100% tool-free, latching equivalent to the MIL-DTL-32139 Nano-D.

Gone are the jackscrews, however, the overall ruggedness remains the same. Omnetics Latching Nano-D is the first latching Nano interconnect solution suitable for use in military and aerospace applications.

The latches provide extra security, and are very simple to use requiring no screwdrivers to mate or un-mate, and best of all, the performance with the latches actually exceeds the Mil-Spec call out in regards to shock and vibration.

One of Omnetics aerospace customers recently noted, another variation to the MIL-DTL-32139 standard, which Omnetics design team has created is a Nano-D Hybrid offering.

This connector type allows users the ability to add up to a (3) Amp ‘power’ contact typically reserved for use in Micro-D (MIL-DTL-83513) related applications, and house them in conjunction with a (1) Amp ‘signal’ Nano-D contact in a familiar layout one would typically find in a Nano-D form factor.

This enables the user, not the connector company, to determine the perfect combination of power and signal lines best suitable for your needs.

Nano-D connectors, although small, have proven their toughness and reliability time-in and time-out with circuitry used in robotics, weaponry, future soldier systems as well as Unmanned Vehicles technology.

Other popular uses include portable surveillance and field communications electronics where size, weight, signal integrity and overall ruggedness are a must.

These same connectors are also being used on a number of mission critical satellites that simply cannot afford reliability question marks. One common trend is that these applications all have extreme shock and vibration requirements that Omnetics Nano-D passes with flying colours.

Omnetics has been a certified supplier to the military specification MIL-DTL- 32139 for Nano-D connectors since 2007, and is well experienced in assembly, performance and connector design.

When customising or varying from standard designs, Omnetics offers design support using SolidWorks® 3D modelling. This can include anything from adding back shells to cable shielding, which assists in EMI Protection.

Please consult the factory with any other questions.