The Monoblock is a remarkably robust single cast from a high-tensile alloy, allowing best cooling behaviour and great durability.

The Austrian engineering specialist STEYR MOTORS is renowned for its cutting-edge solutions in the field of vehicle, marine and industrial engines and power systems.

Founded in 2001 as an independent company with its roots in the famous Steyr-Daimler-Puch group, STEYR MOTORS focuses on the development and production of high-performance engines, gensets and e-mobility solutions. The company’s engineering strategy emphasizes highest efficiency, robustness and durability while also targeting environmental effects by reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

At DSEI 2017, the Austrian manufacturer presents the newest additions to its product portfolio – a unique combination of reliable Monoblock design and efficient common rail technology: the M14 CR, a new generation of four-cylinder diesel engines, and the M12 CR REX, a very compact two-cylinder range extender.

The proven Monoblock design is the basis for STEYR MOTORS compact and lightweight product range of high-performance diesel engines and diesel-electric systems that are capable of handling even most challenging requirements. The existing portfolio of reliable unit injection engines, power packs and hybrid solutions is now expanded with highly efficient common rail products.

During the last years STEYR MOTORS has heavily invested in its state-of-the-art R&D centre in Austria and is now reaping the rewards. An advanced common rail system with highest durability and selected multifuel capability has been developed and is now applied in brand-new product lines. The new injection technology ensures efficient and smooth operation while the underlying Monoblock design grants remarkable robustness and best power-to-weight ratios.

This unparalleled combination has been transferred into two new products: the M14 CR, a four-cylinder diesel engine with currently three different models ranging from 85kW to 120kW, and the M12 CR REX, a very compact and flexible two-cylinder range extender with 36kW electrical power output.

Both innovations are displayed for the first time at this year’s DSEI in London (booth: S9-163). STEYR MOTORS also announced to present a new series of four-cylinder common rail marine engines at METS 2017 in Amsterdam. Moreover, six-cylinder Monoblock common rail engines for the vehicle, marine and industrial business fields are on their way, too. The launch of these product lines is planned for 2018 together with further innovation projects.