Techaya have developed a military communication system which is being applied to the remote control of guided missile systems.

The solution is know as the MILTECH-5002 and is able to transfer data, such as video and communications, across distances via tactical fibres, utilising expanded beam technology.

MILTECH-5002 is particularly suited to remote control launching of guided missiles, thanks to its long range abilities.

The capability to send sensitive and detailed signals across a protected fibre network means that a control centre, miles away from the launch pad, can be used to control the missile.

This removes personnel from danger without compromising security or tactical abilities.

Military communication system

The military communication system is able to transfer and receive live video feeds, offering complete control over a launch site.

It also offers command and control via a serial interface which operates at speeds of up to 20Mbps. This is further enhanced by the extremely limited signal transfer delay which takes only 30 microseconds, end to end.

Developed specifically for use in harsh military environments, the MILTECH-5002 has been developed to feature packaging enhancements which meet MIL-STD-810F airborne and ground compliance.

The casing is also hardened, providing impressive ingress, impact, vibration and shock protection. As with previous Techaya technologies, passive cooling eliminates moving parts and increases overall reliability.

The communication solution transfers signals across a fibre and enables connectivity of both IP-enabled systems and net-centric devices.

As a compact system, the 5002 can be easily applied to locations short of space, such as airborne or ground vehicles.

The MILTECH-5002 provides the ultimate military communication system and is combat proven, being in use in combat zones world wide. Contact Techaya today for a quote.