MilDef continue to expand the 19in/2 product family with new and interesting products. We have now released three new products. All of them with the same idea of being small, lightweight and fully rugged to meet the requirements of the most common MIL-standards.

VoIP Gateway RM501

Up to up 8 analogue telephones and fax devices can be integrated into the VoIP network. Being small and tough makes it an optimal solution in a cramped server room, on missions in the field or as a vehicle’s communication unit.

KVM Switch KSW401

It allows up to seven computers to share the use of a single VGA and two USB for keyboard and mouse. You can also connect up to three KVM switches together and by that get up to 19 computer on the same console. To switch between computers simply press the pushbuttons on the switch, or by typing commands on the console keyboard.

Media Converter MC701

The MC701 is a gigabit Ethernet media converter in a compact and rugged design. It’s in a 19in/6 housing, so six units can be mounted together and installed in a standard 19in rack. The unit can be powered by dual USB ports (minimum 800mA together) or by 10-32V for increased versatility.

Please get in contact with MilDef for more information about the new products.