MilDef have worked closely with a customer to develop and manufacture a complete communication system based on 19"/2 units.

For this project, all units have been mounted in a custom-made composite case that is mounted inside the vehicle to provide a single location for the whole communication system. This approach enables ease of maintenance and the ability to quickly remove the system for off-vehicle use or training.

The 19"/2 units inside the case consists of:

  • Server i7 MIL – high-performance server with Intel i7 CPU, raid storage and SSD drives
  • 3G router – GSM/UMTS router to provide cellular data connectivity
  • Cisco router – router based on the Cisco 5915 ESR series
  • Cisco switch – managed switch based on the Cisco 3560 series
  • RS switch – For sharing serial devices to all connected units
  • PowerPanel – distributes power to all units
  • UPS – protects from power shortages
  • AC/DC – provides AC connectivity when available
  • TCE621 – retractable frame for the Thales TCE621/M crypto

As all units are in the 19"/2 form factor, one or several units can easily be replaced by other products from the 19"/2 product family. This enables quick system design and endless possibilities to combine a complete system for any project.

Please get in touch with Jens Karlsson ( to discuss your requirements, or visit our profile page to submit an enquiry.