MilDef releases new ESW2100 series

MilDef continues to expand the 19.5in® product family with networking products. We have just released our new Ethernet switch series, which are small, lightweight, and fully rugged to meet the requirements of the key MIL-standards.

MilDef is proud to release the brand new 19.5in® ESW2100 Ethernet switch series, starting with eight models in the EWS2120 range with sealed RJ45 connectors. When you need a small and powerful switch, the ESW2120 is ideal. It is Cisco-based and supports up to 16 ports, as well as layer two and layer three switching. The series is very versatile, with many different configuration options such as 10Gbps uplinks, power-over-ethernet (PoE) capabilities and support for several different fibre types.

For more information please contact:

Name: Jens Karlsson, Product Manager
Phone: +46 42 250000