The destruction of chemical weapons stockpiles, under field conditions, creates a vast number of challenges to those involved. There may be large numbers of unstable munitions or containers, whether this is due to the munitions being unsafe or presenting such an immediate hazard, that they have to be destroyed to prevent further casualties. Stockpiles like this have been destroyed under such conditions in the past.

Hotzone Solutions staff have been part of operations conducted in an international work environment, under international treaties and resolutions like the United Nations (UN) and the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

This course will analyse all aspects of those field operations and determine how the residual hazard to the personnel involved can be managed. The assessment of the lessons learnt can be used to develop risk assessment procedures; demonstrate the quantitative and qualitative effectiveness of detection and protection measures, as well as decontamination methods to reduce the risk for the personnel to acceptable levels, in future activities of that kind, without disclosing confidential information.

This course can be further extended to practical training scenarios, involving detection, sampling, decontamination and safety related aspects. Those training scenarios can even be run with chemical warfare agents!