Refigerated container

Klinge Corporation has been supplying its Dual Refrigerated Container to leading chemical companies for nearly thirty years. Companies have entrusted Klinge Corp with transporting and storing hazardous and temperature-sensitive chemicals in their ultra-safe Refrigerated Containers.

Seeking to build upon the safety features of their Dual Refrigerated Containers, Klinge Corp is implementing numerous modifications to the design. Klinge Corp is scheduled to unveil its new and improved Dual Refrigerated Container with Integral Genset this coming fall.

Klinge Corp’s Dual Refrigeration System, Model NMR-262, has two full capacity reefer units with automatic switchover. The new and improved system will feature increased efficiency and capacity.

"Five additional thermostat probes will be available with independent high and low temperature alarms. Data is accessible on a password protected website – alarm codes are displayed as well as container temperature. Alarm temperature settings are also available via the display interface," commented Klinge Corp sales manager, Jason Flynn.

The datalogger (temperature recorder), will have lock-out protection to ensure temperature data will not be erased. A printer is available for printouts on site.

In addition, the NMR-262 will feature a new, more compact compressor allowing for easier service as well as a reduction in system weight.

"Our customers have been using the NMR-262 system for close to three decades because of its reliability and its compliance to international transport regulations for the transport of certain dangerous goods. Modifications to the design will further strengthen the overall capabilities of the Dual Refrigerated Container and we are very excited to introduce the improved unit this fall," said company president Henrik Klinge.