Swedish Armed Forces

In August last month representatives from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (Försvarets materielverk) visited York, Pennsylvania to review the Refrigerated Container system designed by Klinge Corporation.

The company was awarded a multi-year contract at the end of 2011 to design and produce a minimum of sixty Refrigerated Containers based on a standard 20′ ISO-container with a hook frame for HEMTT or PLS lift trucks.

The Refrigerated Container features integrated hydraulic rollers allowing for easy loading/unloading as well as a manually operated hydraulic pump. The pump enables the rollers to be lowered when loading or unloading and raised when the container is stationary.

The primary purpose of the 20′ Refrigerated Container is to store and transport of frozen food, refrigerated food, and dry groceries. The interior of the container is outfitted with shelving system for food storage and a fire extinguisher in case of emergency. The 20′ container has double doors as well as a wicket door that provides access to the interior without having to open the larger doors.

The Refrigerated Container prototype is scheduled for testing at the U.S. Department Aberdeen Test Center in September 2012. The equipment will undergo mobility testing in accordance with AECTP 400 to ensure the system can withstand transportation on roads of poor quality.

The Refrigerated Container will also undergo Radiated Emission testing in accordance with MIL-STD-461F, RE102 as well as Radiated Susceptibility testing in accordance with MIL-STD-461F, RS103.

"Klinge Corp was able to apply its experience in designing and qualifying transport refrigeration equipment to military standards to the Refrigerated Containers for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration," said Sales Manager, Jason Flynn.

"The equipment plays a critical role in the Swedish Armed Forces provisioning system and, as such, our Refrigerated Containers will ensure food is kept at the required temperature."