Klinge Corp has been awarded a subcontract with the US Army Contracting Command to design and manufacture the refrigeration unit for the Joint Services Expandable Refrigerated Container System.

Klinge Corp’s refrigeration unit for the JSERCS project will provide cooling in a single or dual zone simultaneously in a -25°F to +125°F ambient temperature range. The refrigeration unit will provide temperature control of refrigerated and frozen food in the field.

The refrigeration unit design is based on equipment that has been qualified to a number of military standards, such as vibration, category A1 and B2 cooling, category C0 cold climate, driving rain, and power source/fuel. It uses components that have been proven in the container transport industry to be reliable and require very little maintenance.

The Joint Service Expandable Refrigerated Container System project, referred to as JSERCS, is intended to be the next generation of an advanced TriCon System and may replace the current generation of this equipment.

Klinge’s refrigeration unit will be mounted on an insulated and expandable TriCon container. A TriCon, or triple container, is configured so when three are adjoined, the footprint is that of a standard 20′ ISO container.

The JSERCS will be used in stationary base camp operations and will support all of the expeditionary kitchen systems. The modularity of the JSERCS will allow for easy transport and deployment by each service. The objective of the JSERCS is to reduce the transportation footprint by replacing three Tricon Refrigerated Container Systems with one JSERCS unit.

The contract duration is 2.5 years including a six month base period and a two one-year option periods.