Klinge Corporation joins officials from the Indonesian Government and offshore professionals from around the world at the thirrd annual Deepwater Asia Congress (DAC) from 10 – 11 July 2014. The DAC will be conveniently held in Jakarta, Indonesia to help it and its offshore producing neighbors to continue the safe and efficient advance of resource exploration and production.

The event features speakers from regulatory bodies, operating companies, FPSO contractors, drilling companies and oilfield service companies. Participants will hear the latest on developing projects in Asia, learn how to optimize the deepwater project operation, and discover Indonesia deepwater development potential.

The technical programme includes presentations on the below topics:

  • Indonesian regulatory and policy aspects of offshore / deepwater E&P business
  • In-depth analysis of Indonesia offshore and deepwater developments and prospects
  • Indonesia’s gas market and infrastructure development
  • Financial and legal contract issues
  • Offshore projects updates including but not limited to Chevron’s Deepwater Development (IDD) project, Pertamina’s planning and updates of offshore and deepwater project, and Nusantara Regas: The establishment of Indonesia’s first west Java FSRU project
  • Offshore submarket analysis and prediction
  • Technical measures to enhance offshore and deepwater project efficiency

Klinge Corporation presents their offshore refrigerated containers

Klinge Corporation offers the offshore industry an ultra-safe solution for container refrigeration. The units are explosion-proof and certified to the stringent safety guidelines of the EU’s ATEX Directive. This Directive stipulates safety measures for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres, such as those encountered in the offshore industry or in chemical plants.

Klinge Corporation’s offshore refrigerated containers are also rated for Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous areas in accordance with EN 60079-10. They are available with containers certified to DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079.

DNV containers (also known as offshore containers) are used primarily in the oil and gas industry because of their ability to withstand the harsh environment and handling of the offshore industry. Due to the dangerous nature of the oil industry, these containers are subject to many more regulations and must undergo a strict certification process to ensure the safety of personnel working on the oil rigs, oil tankers, as well as the environment.

The combination of Klinge Corp’s offshore refrigeration units (ATEX Directive certified) and DNV containers certified to EN12079 and DNV 2.7-1 makes their offshore refrigerated container the ideal solution for the global offshore oil and gas industry.