FAUN Trackway’s roadway deployment systems travel far and wide as we look to showcase our products to new audiences. To keep track of where they are in the world, all of our units have been christened with a Welsh Christian name, making them more easily identifiable. Currently we have Nia, a heavy ground mobility system (HGMS) with 50m trackway, going through trials in Scandinavia, and Megan, an adjustable ground mobility system (AGMS) capable of withstanding loads of MLC70, on standby for the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition in October.

At this year’s DSEI, the biggest show in the defence calendar, FAUN Trackway exhibited Rhiannon, 30m of HGMS Trackrack on an IVECO TRAKKER 8×8. The company also used the opportunity to search for a moniker for a new product in development, which is set to launch later this year. What name do you think should join the set? Get online and make your suggestion using the hashtag #nameourunit.