SFC Energy, a leading provider of hybrid power solutions to the stationary and mobile power generation markets worldwide, has delivered the first series of its new portable JENNY 1200 fuel cell generator for defense applications to the US Air Force. The delivery has a value of approx. EUR 350,000 and is part of a multi-year program that has a total value of approximately €2m.

The lightweight, portable fuel cell generator has been designed and matured in an Office of the Sec. Of Defense Acquisition Challenge Program (DACP) started in September 2012 to qualify a production ready 50W fuel cell power generator. It builds on the mature platform of the successful portable JENNY 600S fuel cell generator and is based on SFC Energy’s award winning DMFC (direct methanol fuel cell) technology for defense and security applications. JENNY 1200 features a power increase of 100% over the previous model, doubling its performance while maintaining its convenient, easy to carry small size and form (only approx. one third increase in size over previous model).

SFC Energy’s 50W portable fuel cell generator charges batteries significantly faster in the field than its predecessor model. In operation it is completely maintenance free. As a result, users benefit from stronger performance, higher energy density, less weight, and reduced cost.

JENNY 1200 uses pure methanol, available in four convenient fuel cartridge sizes, thus offering market-leading weight savings over fuel cell generator technologies with a conventional methanol/water blend.

Like all SFC Energy’s power generation and distribution products for defense applications, the JENNY 1200 integrates seamlessly into the existing SFC defense product family and into all SFC energy networks and power solutions.

CEO of SFC Energy Dr Peter Podesser said, "Special forces on the move require reliable lightweight power for their devices.

"JENNY 1200 offers them significant weight savings while ensuring 100% power availability anywhere, anytime, in any weather and climate situation. In a 72hr mission they can save a soldier up to 80% of battery weight."

Additional information on SFC Energy’s off grid power and distribution portfolio for portable, mobile, stationary, and vehicle-based defence applications is available at