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Iveco Defence Vehicles has announced that the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation (NDLO) has agreed to the procurement of a further tranche of 62 light armoured vehicles (LAV).

The LAV, internationally known as the light multirole vehicle (LMV), is an adaptable, highly mobile vehicle featuring outstanding protection against mine, IED and ballistic attack, with a focus on delivering crew survivability.

This order constitutes the fourth LAV procurement by the Norwegian Armed Forces increasing the total LAV fleet to 170 units. The LAV has already been extensively fielded by the Norwegian Army in Afghanistan, along with LMVs from seven other nations operating in the same region.

The new contract includes the Integrated Logistic Support of all current and future LAVs. The aim is to develop and broaden the co-operation between Iveco and the NDLO, providing assistance to Iveco vehicles in service with the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Lessons learned from the field

The fourth generation LAV demonstrates the ability of the LMV design to accommodate a variety of developments which are demanded by the user.

With its new driveline offering a higher performance and a new air filtration system, the LAV incorporates all the lessons learned from the field, providing more payload, better performance and higher reliability.

The internal layout of the crew cell has been extensively redesigned to improve crew ergonomics, and incorporate new seats, a next-generation dashboard and an upgraded hardtop. These measures have the additional benefit of significantly increasing the usable internal volume.

A particular demand placed on the new LAV was the requirement to accommodate extensive GFE, including radio, BMS, intercom and electronic counter measures. In addition, the LAV will be equipped either with a manual weapon turret or with a remote weapon station from Kongsberg.

Iveco Defence Vehicles has ensured that the LMV will continue to expand the roles it can undertake, moving seamlessly into the field of protected utility vehicles. The ability of the LMV design to accommodate a variety of requested developments has enabled implementation of a vehicle family approach, enabling LMV to fulfil a wide variety of roles. At present, the vehicle is available in a number of different variants, with a range of different protection levels or none at all. These include the Medevac, NBC unit, Pick-up, RSTA and SOF.

Whatever its role, the LMV will continue to fulfill its most valued function: that of transporting its crew quickly and safely on any mission they are required to undertake.

LMV sales

A total of some 4,000 LMVs have been selected for front line duties to date, including procurements by the following: Italian (2,000), British (401 units), Spanish (270 units), Norwegian (170 units), Belgian (440 units), Croatian (10 units), Austrian (150 units) Czech Republic (170 units), Slovak (50 units) and Russian (358 units).