ALaRS system

The Automatic Light and Resolution (ALaRS) system optimises the light regulation and resolution, resulting in an improved image quality.

CST has implemented ALaRs in all Citadel, Spectrel and Open Frame cameras with a 336 module, to provide our customers with the best possible image quality.

Development of sensors is moving in two directions, one being a higher resolution with smaller pixels and the other in the direction of more sensitive sensors.

Together the two directions demands significantly improved automatic regulation circuits, in order to generate a sharp image from broad daylight down to low light conditions such as starlight, without reducing the details and colour reproduction.

CST has therefore invented the automatic regulation system ALaRs, to cope with the increasing high resolution and sensitive sensors to provide an optimised image quality.

Improved compared to normal image regulation means:

  • Everything is fully automatic
  • Improved sensitivity
  • Larger dynamic area
  • No image disruption or flashing when exposed of shock and vibration
  • Fast exposure, leading to a sharper image when there are moving objects
  • Higher resolution during daylight conditions
  • No hunting of the iris regulation when exposed for intense sunlight

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