INTRACOM Defense Electronics (IDE) is the new member of the consortium developing the Hellenic Civil Unmanned Air Vehicle (HCUAV), whose mission is to support civil protection and public safety services in Greece and abroad.

The HCUAV project is co-financed by the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) and the consortium includes highly expertised and technologically advanced domestic research institutes and other Hellenic companies.

The development and use of HCUAV provide security entities with significant benefits, such as network-centric design with image sending day and night, geo-referencing of targets and real-time depiction of operational status. These offer reduced operational and technical support cost per flight hour.

IDE significantly contributes to the project, having the responsibility to implement the most important mission critical systems, such as electro-optical sensors, encrypted wireless communications and mobile ground stations. It also has intelligent software systems with the capabilities of control management and coordination of operations.]

HCUAV communication systems, in particular, are based on IDE’s innovative broadband communications system Spart@n. They also provide ultra-modern, reliable and secure network-centric communications infrastructure, with advanced capabilities for real time transfer of tactical data and images.

This system clearly attributes to the situational awareness and acts as a power and efficiency multiplier in various operations undertaken by HCUAV.

IDE’s participation in the HCUAV project is the result of the company’s investment in cutting-edge technologies. It is hoping that by doing this, it can meet security needs, especially for the protection of critical infrastructures as well as for land and maritime borders and regions surveillance.