New hybrid technology system for defence applications

In the frame of the policy of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defense for creating energy-autonomous camps by using Smart Grids and Renewable Energy Sources, INTRACOM Defense Electronics (IDE) installed the Hybrid System HG10K-10 for evaluation at a Hellenic Air Force base.

The system is an innovative Hybrid Electric Power System, which during the evaluation period provided uninterrupted electrical power for 20 days, achieving complete energy autonomy with significant usage of solar energy and extremely limited use of the generator.

IDE’s Hybrid System is a dual use system that belongs to the HEPS (Hybrid Electric Power Systems) product series and is the result of the company’s long-term research and development.

It is an integrated, autonomous, mobile unit for the smart management and distribution of the available electric energy from photovoltaic cells and energy storage system by creating a micro-grid and using a backup diesel generator. In comparison with an equivalent conventional diesel generator, IDE’s system saved more than 60% of fuel during the evaluation and reduced engine operating hours by 70% and maintenance requirements by 80%, while also reducing the pollution.

The evaluation results were recently presented to the Working Group for Energy and Environment of the European Defence Agency (EDA).