INTRACOM Defense Electronics (IDE) successfully completed its participation in the NATO exercise Smart Energy ‘Capable Logistician 2015’ (CL15), that took place in Hungary.

The main objective of the exercise was the intelligent supply and energy management applications in a real military environment camp, where 14 companies participated from NATO member-countries.

IDE participated with the HG-10K-20 Hybrid System, which produces, stores and manages electric power from conventional and renewable energy sources in the most efficient way. In CL 15 the HG-10K-20 Hybrid System supplied electric power to critical and vital facilities under conditions governed by specific operational scenarios and the system demonstrated its ability to interoperate with other systems of different countries.

The HG-10K-20 system belongs to Hybrid Electrical Power Systems (HEPS) of IDE and is the result of long-term self-financed research and development effort on new power technologies. The HEPS series products of IDE include sophisticated energy systems for applications in military installations, transportable units and systems integrated in tracked and wheeled military vehicles offering reduced fuel consumption, long range and significantly reduced life cycle costs.

The exercise was attended by the President and the Defense Minister of Hungary, as well as by high officials from NATO and its member-countries. A video from the participation of the Hybrid System HG-10K-20 of IDE in the NATO exercise is available by visiting the company’s website.