Are you a photographer or television crew thinking of entering an area where there may be a CBRN threat?

In this fast-evolving and dangerous environment, where reporters’ safety and security are at stake as they work to fully accomplish their mission, ensuring these professionals’ safety while reporting events to the general public is a key priority at Hotzone Solutions.

Our course on ‘Special Hazards: Protection Course for Photographers and TV-Crews’ aims at familiarising professional reporters and camera crews with basic self-protection measures.

For this training, Hotzone Solutions’ special curriculum aims to teach you how to work safely in potentially contaminated and hazardous areas.

Our course comprises theory and a practical training with harmless and inert chemicals, biological agents and radioactive simulants.

The recent events in Syria and the deplorable alleged use of chemical weapons have led to an increased interest in Hotzone Solutions’ expertise in that area. Please click on the link here for an example.