Gore next generation arc flash rainwear

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. has introduced a new line of protective fabrics that deliver the best combination of broad protection, comfort, and durability for arc-flash rated, foul-weather protection.

From the inventors of GORE-TEX® fabric technology, GORE® PYRAD® fabric enables line technicians to work for longer periods without being distracted by discomfort in cold or wet conditions.

GORE® PYRAD® fabric delivers protection beyond ASTM F1891 requirements.

Its revolutionary self-extinguishing properties enable the fabric to maintain its physical integrity even after direct exposure to flame.

Rainwear made with this fabric also meets the requirements for ANSI 107 hi-visibility, improving linemen’s safety without having to wear additional vests while responding to service calls in high-traffic areas.

GORE® PYRAD® fabric has been proven in wear trials to deliver durable waterproof, windproof, and breathable protection.

The fabric’s highly breathable and lightweight construction helps improve comfort in two ways.

Firstly, it decreases sweat buildup, keeping the linemen cooler in warm conditions and warmer in cool conditions. Secondly, it decreases water pickup, allowing it to dry faster, which reduces that uncomfortable clammy feeling from reusing damp foul weather gear multiple times during a shift.

Available in rainwear from leading manufacturers, GORE® PYRAD® fabrics have been storm-shower tested and field proven to ensure that line technicians stay dry and comfortable regardless of the weather.

According to Mark Williams, product specialist: "When we are developing a new product at Gore, we work closely with end users to learn about their unique needs and the challenges they face in the environments where they work.

"Line technicians need to be able to focus on restoring customer service regardless of the weather conditions, so they need outerwear that is comfortable and provides the necessary arc-flash protection.

Drawing from our years of experience with breathable protective fabrics, we engineered this new fabric to deliver the broad protection linemen aren’t getting today, while adding the comfort they deserve."

For more information, contact Gore.