A new man-portable, tripod mast payload elevation solution, the AntennaMast model AM2 will be introduced at the eighth annual Border Security Expo in Phoenix, Arizona, US, on 18 March 2014 (Booth #1122). The AM2 is an entirely new mast engineered and manufactured by The Will-Burt Company, the world’s premier provider of telescoping mast and tower elevation solutions. AM2 joins the AntennaMast line of portable tripod and field masts, whose introduction is being supported by the launch of a new website, This new site delivers complete product specifications and drawings along with the ability to create and submit an RFQ directly.

The AntennaMast AM2 is an aluminum tripod mast designed for ease of use while delivering payload deployment flexibility and rugged reliability. The AM2 can elevate up to four antennas and/or sensors up to 15m. The available EZ Raze™ payload elevation system with safety brake allows the operator to elevate and lower payloads simply by turning the crank on a winch. Mission speed is improved with payload interfaces and accessories that require no tools for assembly. These same interfaces can be used with all five elevation platforms offered in the AntennaMast family.

The Will-Burt Company president, CEO and chairman Jeffrey O. Evans said, "The AM2 is the perfect addition to the AntennaMast family of portable tripod and field masts.

"The five unique mast systems of the family ensure that one does not need to settle for a ‘one size fits all’ approach – an optimised elevation solution will be delivered by AntennaMast."

Will-Burt’s Chief Operating Officer John Stroia said, "The search for the ideal combination of performance, mission flexibility and overall value were the drivers of the AM2 product development.

"The experienced engineering team that designed the AM2 listened to our customers and has delivered a product that meets their needs."