Two armored vehicle manufacturers, Renault Trucks Defense and Streit, have selected the deFNder® remote weapon station to equip their vehicles at the international IDEX 2013 trade show to be held in Abu Dhabi from 17 to 21 February 2013.

The remote weapon station was designed, developed and manufactured by Belgian small arms manufacturer FN Herstal.

Renault Trucks Defense will display the deFNder Light equipped with a 7.62x51mm cal FN MAG® machine gun on its
Sherpa SW vehicle, while Streit will show the deFNder Medium featuring the .50 cal FN M3R™ machine gun on its Scorpion 4×4 vehicle.

The deFNder remote weapon statios, available in Light or Medium version, were designed and developed around a same philosophy. They feature unique elevation and depression angles, which is particularly critical in urban and irregular warfare. They
both offer an open architecture, accepting any types of sight modules and a wide choice of FN weapons – from 5.56 to 7.62 cal machine gun for the Light model and from 5.56 to .50 cal machine gun, plus 40mm AGL, for the Medium model.

The deFNder Medium remote weapon station can integrate the exclusive .50 cal FN M3R machine gun, with outstanding high firing rate (1,100 RPM).